Average Household Income by Race, Ethnicity

The latest Census data is out on income levels by ethnicity. The good news is that the latest data flatly contradict the left’s narrative that America is “systematically racist.” As the chart below shows, by far the most affluent group is NOT whites, but Asians.

Remarkably, immigrants from one of the poorest countries in the world — India — are doing phenomenally well. Indian Americans are the richest ethnic group with an average income DOUBLE that of whites.

We’re happy to report that Hispanics are climbing the ladder of economic opportunity and now have an average income of $58,000. Sadly, black Americans are lagging behind. Hispanics have moved ahead of blacks.

Why? If the Democrats really believed that “black lives matter,” they’d do more to expand educational opportunities in the inner cities, promote fatherhood, and stop treating blacks as victims. The “systemic racism” argument has become an all-too familiar excuse for failure.

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