We are pleased to announce the 2023 Goodman Dinner has been rescheduled to Thursday, April 25, 2024, at the Hilton Lincoln Center.

For those who purchased tickets to the November 9, 2023 Dinner, your ticket will go towards the new date unless a refund was requested.


Making Ideas
Change the World

Creating jobs, liberating taxpayers,
empowering patients, and more…

What We Have Accomplished

Turning Ideas
into Public Policy

Health Savings Accounts

Because of the idea of Health Savings Accounts, more than 30 million people are managing some of their own health care dollars in accounts they own and control.

401(k) Plans

Because of automatic enrollment in diversified portfolios, 16 million employees are enjoying higher and safer returns.

Social Security

Because of another idea, 78 million baby boomers are able to work beyond age 65 without losing Social Security benefits.

Roth IRAs

Because of the idea of Roth IRAs, $265 billion in savings has been taxed once and will never be taxed again.


Governor Pete du Pont – R.I.P.

With Gratitude to Governor du Pont, who has worked with John and Jeanette Goodman for many years.

Lockdowns Had Near-Zero Impact on COVID-19 Deaths

A meta-analysis published by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics found a variety of restrictions to stop deaths from COVID-19 had little to no effect and instead caused more damage by imposing “enormous economic and social costs.”

First Annual Awards Dinner

On Tuesday, 11 September 2021, The Goodman Institute is proud to host our first annual Awards Dinner at 1225 N. Riverfront Blvd in Texas!

Meet the Experts

Scholars and leading thinkers in Health Care, Economics and Policy.

Welcome to the Goodman Institute

Leveraging People, Money, and Ideas.

Texans Back to Work Task Force

The Texans Back to Work Task Force report will work hand in hand with Governor Greg Abbott’s Strike Force to Open Texas to ensure our state’s economy is once again the job creator for the nation and a powerful force in the global marketplace.

Recent Commentaries

What’s New

Biden v. Medicare Advantage

Biden v. Medicare Advantage

When does the failure to answer a phone call in 8 seconds cost the company receiving the call $190 million? When the caller is a spy working for the agency that runs Medicare and the receiving entity is a private insurance company. More.

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Leftists in Colorado Seem Poised to Try Again for Single Payer Health Insurance

Leftists in Colorado Seem Poised to Try Again for Single Payer Health Insurance

Last time around, the idea was rejected by almost 79% of the voters. And for good reasons. British Columbia’s single payer system is so mismanaged it pays for cancer patient radiation treatments in Bellingham, Washington.  Its hip replacement wait can be almost a year… Because Canadian patients wait twice as long as recommended for MRI scans, those who can afford it pay cash for quick service at US imaging centers in border cities like Buffalo, NY and Bellevue, WA. More.

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Two Cheers for the Bipartisan Tax Deal

Two Cheers for the Bipartisan Tax Deal

A rare bipartisan agreement in Congress would create a larger child tax credit for parents and extend some key business tax breaks in the 2017 (Trump) tax reform bill that have expired. Democrats are said to favor the former and Republicans the latter.

Opinions on the accord are all over the map, with pros and cons – both on the right and the left. I give it two cheers. If it were funded by reducing means-tested welfare spending, I would give it a third cheer.

More at Forbes

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What Are We Getting for All That Obamacare Spending?

What Are We Getting for All That Obamacare Spending?

Obamacare spending has now reached $214 billion a year, insuring people through Medicaid (which is mostly contracted out to private insurers) and the Obamacare exchanges.  At $1,731 for every household in America, that’s a great deal of money being transferred from taxpayers to insurance companies every year.

So, what are we getting in return?

One scholarly study finds there has been no overall increase in health care utilization in the U.S. since the enactment of Obamacare. The number of doctor visits per capita actually fell over the last decade.

See my latest post at Forbes.

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Public Policy Research

Leveraging People,
Money and Ideas

Our Role in Tax Reform

Goodman Institute scholars Laurence Kotlikoff and Alan Auerbach were the intellectual source of the Ryan/Brady (“Better Way”) tax reform proposal. They are also the leading intellectual defenders of tax reform, drawing on the most sophisticated and accurate economic models that exist.

Our Role in Health Reform

We are witnessing a radical transformation of the U.S. health care system. Although health care is the most regulated market in our economy, we have recently witnessed massive deregulation — partly in response to the coronavirus threat. These changes were only possible because of three years of prior effort by the Trump administration. Many of the core ideas were pioneered by Goodman Institute health economists.

New Partnership: Health Care News

The Goodman Institute for Public Policy has agreed to partner with Heartland to ensure the newspaper’s survival going forward. This new partnership could not have come at a better time. Polls consistently show that healthcare is the number one issue with voters.

The Environmental Blog

This Goodman Institute inspired blog is about appreciating the environment and protecting it using the tools of economics. Your blog manager is Jane Shaw Stroup, a former senior fellow of the Property and Environment Research Center.

The Health Blog

For many years, our health care blog was the only free enterprise health policy blog on the internet. Then, when the NCPA closed its doors, the health blog stopped as well.

During this five-year hiatus no one else has come forward to claim the space. So, my colleagues and I have decided to restart the blog in connection with the Goodman Institute. We invite you and others to use this forum to share your views.

Debater Resources

John Goodman grew up in Waco, TX and participated in high school debate competitions around the state of Texas. John was quite successful and won several statewide tournaments.  This experience served him later in life when he became a TV debating partner of conservative polemicist William F. Buckley. Dr. Goodman’s interest in speech and debate has never waned and he is excited to share some in-depth thoughts and ideas on current debate topics. 

Health Care Briefing With Newt Gingrich

Former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, Newt Gingrich and I discuss healthcare in the next election and beyond. Newt and I have a mutual admiration society that goes back many years. Newt has always been an outlier among Republican politicians when it comes to the topic of health care – aggressively searching for solutions instead of avoiding the subject.

Sessions Health Care Bill:

  • Creates a new optional federal health insurance tax credit that is generous, universal, portable, and the same amount for everyone regardless of income,
  • Allows employers and their employees to maintain their current employer-provided health insurance tax status, if preferred,
  • Creates a new “Roth” style Health Savings Account to pay for health care expenses,
  • Allows employees to have a 24/7 direct primary care doctor of their choice.
  • Permanently expands telehealth availability, and
  • Promote price transparency and competition.

Our Scholars

Read the most recent commentaries available in the
nation’s most important news publications.

John Goodman

Larry Kotlikoff

Thomas Saving

Devon Herrick

Linda Gorman

All Experts


What They
Are Saying

Many years ago I read a book called Patient Power. It was… written by Musgrave and Goodman. John Goodman is… known as the Father of Health Savings Accounts.

Sean Hannity

American commentator

They’ve developed innovative ideas on how to create a better health system, a less expensive health system, a health system with more access for well over two decades.

Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

John Goodman is the leading expert on free market proposals for probably the most dysfunctional 1/6th of our economy that exists. He does a spectacular job.

Jeb Bush

Former Governor of Florida

Our Priorities

The Goodman Institute is doing work not done by any other organization – especially in the areas of tax, health care and entitlement policy. Without our work the nation might not have obtained tax reform. Now we need to defend it.

We work with the best scholars from around the country on the nation’s most difficult public policy problems. Our mission is to find private alternatives to government programs that aren’t working. Ideas have enormous potential to change the course of human events.



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