Our Virtual Think Tank

A virtual think tank is a think tank without overhead. Potentially it can have even more impact on public policy than the traditional think tank, because it can use most of its budget for research, marketing and public policy impact. Impact on public policy means real changes in real legislation.

Everything this think tank does is contractual. At the moment, we have no office, no receptionist and no employees. Every person involved handles his or her own overhead costs. Our virtual organization is free to focus on its mission.
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John C. Goodman

John Goodman Bio 2015The Wall Street Journal calls Dr. Goodman “the father of Health Savings Accounts.” Modern Healthcare says he is one of four people who have most influenced the changes shaping our health care system.

John Goodman is the founder of the Goodman Institute for Public Policy Research.
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What We Have Accomplished

Health Savings Accounts: more than 30 million people are managing some of their own health care dollars in accounts they own and control.

Roth IRAs19.2 million people own $660 billion of retirement money that will never be taxed again. 

Social Security: 78 million baby boomers are able to work beyond the retirement age without losing retirement benefits.

401(k) Plans: because of automatic enrollment in diversified portfolios, employees are enjoying higher and safer returns.
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The Tax Center


The goal of the The Tax Center is to use sound economic analysis to evaluate the tax and spending policies of the federal government. Right now that is not being done by any other entity.

This is probably the single most important project of any think tank in the country. It has enormous potential to guide Congress, the administration, the business community and the general public in evaluating alternatives to the current system.
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