Correcting the Record

New research by Gerald Auten of the US Treasury Department and David Splinter of the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation finds that the after-tax income share of the top 1% has barely changed since 1962. More.

Is it true that 1 in 8 American households are so poor that someone must skip a meal each month to get by? No, it is not—the real number is more like 1 in 50More.

Biden: The expanded child tax credit “cut child poverty in half in 2021.” Proper modeling:  expanded CTC alone would have reduced the child poverty rate to 8.3 percent in 2021. More.

The left-leaning Center for Budget Policies says we need housing subsidies because of market failure in the housing market. In fact, public housing subsidies are anti-marriage: Per HUD data, only 3% of subsidized housing serves “two adults with children.”  More.


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