Why Are There Unequal Racial Outcomes?

And why have the billions of dollars spent by corporations, philanthropies, and the government to close the racial achievement gap been such an apparent failure?

In her newest book, When Race Trumps Merit, Heather Mac Donald rejects the claim of “disparate impact analysis,” which posits, “any standard or behavioral norm which negatively and disproportionately affects Blacks is presumed to be a tool of white supremacy” and must therefore be eliminated.

She blames instead underclass disdain for education, aversion towards norms of self-responsibility deemed oppressively white, the pathological dysfunction of inner-city culture, and “the prevalence of out-of-wedlock births in the black community,” which now constitute “over 70 percent of all black births.”

Sacrificing meritocracy for racial proportionality. she says, will only make things worse.

See book review here.


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