Update: The Durham Report

Why are the mainstream media outlets so intent on convincing us there is no there, there?

Maybe it’s because the report invites us to review not just the behavior of the FBI and the intelligence community during the Trump presidency, but also the behavior of the media during all that time.

Here is a brief review of all the times Donald Trump was called a “traitor” on the editorial pages of the New York Times and elsewhere.  This was not just schoolyard name calling. In column after column, writers encouraged readers to believe that Trump might actually be the agent of a foreign power.

When NYT writers weren’t calling Trump a traitor, they routinely called him other names, including  “racist,” “misogynistic,” “xenophobic,” “homophobic” and occasionally even “anti-Semitic.” These charges were just as baseless as the charge of  treason.

The real threat to democracy came not from Donald Trump or from an unruly mob on January 6th. It came from law enforcement and intelligence agencies intervening to change election results and undermine a duly elected presidency – along with help from the mainstream media and Big Tech.

What is amazing is how much Trump was able to accomplish in the face of this fake news onslaught – including major changes in the health care system.


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