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The Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity blog is about appreciating and protecting the environment, using the tools of economics. The blog manager is Jane Shaw Stroup, a former senior fellow of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC). John Baden, a pioneer in creating the New Resource Economics, is the lead off blogger.

What you will learn from recent posts:

On the scourge of plastic waste: caterpillars could be the answer.

On extreme weather: Hard data, collected over decades, show no increase in the frequency or severity of hurricanes over the past century. Also, droughts are not more common, severe, or of greater length.

On Amazon fires: They are mostly on farms and ranches; there is no increase in forests burning; the number of fires in 2019 is only 7% higher than the average for the past 10 years; and news coverage has been inundated with fake photos.

On the international threat to food production: Global crop production has been setting new records virtually every year.

On the threat of one million species extinctions: Over 500 years there have been 800 known extinctions; the number peaked in the nineteenth century and has been declining since.

On Greenland ice melting: After a very brief period (a few days) of strong melt, conditions have returned to normal.

Are global warming skeptics dying off? (Yes.)

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