Think Tanks Unite Behind a Health Plan – Finally!

The main reason there has been no right-of-center alternative to Obamacare is that there has been complete disunity among conservative/libertarian thinkers about health care.

A new plan prepared for the Trump administration appears to solve that problem. Developed by John C. Goodman (father of Health Savings Accounts) and Marie Fishpaw (Heritage Foundation) and published by National Review Online, the plan features such patient friendly ideas as portable health insurance and doctor consultations by means of phone, email and Skype.

The plan, which relies heavily on changes the Trump administration has already been implementing, would make it easier for patients to have an inexpensive concierge relationship with their doctors – getting access to care at nights and on weekends without going to hospital emergency rooms.

“We have cut the Gordian Knot that has held back conservative health reform for three decades,” said Goodman.

“Most people in hospital emergency rooms don’t need to be there,” he says. “They can be examined in the comfort of their own homes using a cell phone with an app or two.”

The plans stresses the idea of empowering patients – by giving them the same opportunities they have in other markets.

“Medicine needs to step into the 21st century,” says Goodman.