Gorman: We can cover those with pre-existing conditions without Obamacare

By Linda Gorman

Originally posted at The Tribune, June 2017 

There are many ways to provide medical care for people with pre-existing conditions. Real world experience shows that some work better than others. Properly structured stand-alone high risk pools and medically underwritten individual health policies guaranteed coverage for more than a decade before ObamaCare. They cost much less and provided more flexible coverage. Why not repeal ObamaCare and introduce new and improved structures based on past successes?

The fact that so few policy makers have any actual experience with the individual insurance markets they want to regulate makes them particularly susceptible to snake oil salesmen with an agenda. Passing reforms that work requires focusing on things known to work rather than on fashionable nostrums offered by ideologues claiming to know more about health insurance than the people who buy and sell it. MORE