Goodman Says President Obama’s Memories About Health Reform Are Faulty


DALLAS – January 13, 2017 Republicans did offer an alternative health plan and even President Obama’s own advisors thought the McCain health plan was better than the Obama approach.

Had Barack Obama endorsed John McCain’s health plan, it would have sailed through Congress with bi-partisan support, along with these probable benefits:

Universal coverage: McCain proposed a universal tax credit and insurers would have been free to compete to see what they could provide for that amount. Whereas 8 or 9 million people receive a tax credit under Obamacare, close to 200 million would have received the McCain tax credit.

Fairness: Whereas families at the same income level now receive radically different tax breaks under Obamacare – differing by as much as $10,000 or more – under McCain all families would have received the same financial help, regardless of income.

Simplicity: Under the McCain plan, no one would have to guess next year’s income, no one would have been fined for an incorrect guess and the electronic exchanges would have been fully functional from day one.


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