H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D.

H. Sterling Burnett, PhD is a Research Fellow, Environment; Managing Editor, Environment & Climate News at The Heartland Institute.

Before joining Heartland, Dr Burnett worked at the National Center for Policy Analysis for 18 years, most recently as a senior fellow in charge of NCPA’s environmental policy program. He has held various positions in professional and public policy organizations, including serving as a member of the Environment and Natural Resources Task Force in the Texas Comptroller’s e-Texas commission and as former President and longtime board member of Dallas Woods and Water Conservation Club; a senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation; an academic advisor for Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow; and an advisor for the Energy, Natural Resources and Agricultural Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Burnett has published hundreds of articles in newspapers including, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post and the Washington Times as well as in professional journals. He has also been interviewed on radio and television more than 100 times including on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, NPR, Nova and the Lehrer News Hour. He received his Doctorate in Philosophy in Applied Philosophy from Bowling Green State University. His work has focused on environmental ethics, economics and public policy as well as criminal justice and firearms policies and rights.