Will ‘Boycott America’ Follow Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal?

By Laurence Kotlikoff

Originally posted at Forbes, June 2017

President Trump’s decision to withdrawal from the Paris Accord is not just a terrible decision for the planet and our children. It could quickly lead to a worldwide boycott of Americans goods and services as well as travel to the U.S.

Such a boycott doesn’t need to be enacted by foreign governments via formal sanctions. It can be arranged by prominent global citizens who realize that the only way to reverse this decision is to put massive pressure on the U.S. economy and, thereby, on Congress to pass laws that reduce the U.S.’s CO2 emissions in line with the Paris agreement.

It won’t take much to organize such a boycott. Musicians like Paul McCartney or Elton John could organize a major concert with top performers from around the globe. The message would be Save the Planet, Boycott Trump’s America Until the U.S. Enacts a Permanent $80 per metric ton tax on Carbon emissions.. This would come with a website where people from around the world could register their participation in the boycott. The site could also take contributions to help publicize the boycott. MORE