Sessions/Cassidy Health Plan

  • Abolishes the ObamaCare mandates.
  • Repeals all of the anti-job provisions of ObamaCare
  • Repeals thousands of pages of additional regulations.
  • Deregulates and denationalizes the health insurance marketplace in every state.
  • Offers all Americans a universal tax credit (similar to the child tax credit) for health insurance premiums and deposits to Health Savings Accounts.
  • Lets employees earn higher wages by eliminating waste in their health plans.

Principles for Replacing Obamacare

Choice: People should be able to choose a health insurance plan that meets their needs, not the government’s needs.

Fairness: All families should get the same help from government when they obtain health insurance, regardless of income.

Lower Cost: People should have access to affordable coverage that protects their income and assets in case of catastrophic medical events.

Higher Incomes: Employees should be able to convert lower health insurance costs (by eliminating waste) dollar-for-dollar into higher take-home pay.

Portability: Employers should be able to purchase insurance for their employees that is individually owned and that travels with them, from job to job and in and out of the labor market.

No Surprises: Insurers should be required to make their networks of doctors and hospitals visible at all times and to alert potential enrollees about any restrictions on access to expensive drugs and procedures.

Patient Power: If patients are willing to take a greater role in managing their own care, they should be able to manage the money that pays for that care in tax free accounts.

Real Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions: Insurance should not just pay for the cost of becoming ill, it should also pay the higher premium required if patients switch health plans.

Protection for the Most Vulnerable: A portion of unclaimed tax relief should be made available to local safety net institutions to be used in case the uninsured cannot pay their own medical bills.

Protection for the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Doctors should be able to perform services for patients (including telephone and email consultations) for a monthly fee without the threat of being regulated as insurance companies and patients should be able to pay these fees without being penalized under the tax law.

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