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(Dallas, TX) As we start to see the positive impacts of the most recent tax cuts, our tax code, after decades of poor policy and special...

Modern Families, Outdated Laws: Tax Reform Needed To Treat Wives and Mothers Fairly

“The authors call upon the federal government to get out of the way of marketplace initiatives. Employers and employees across the...

Leaving Women Behind: Modern Families and Outdated Laws

“As it turns out, women would gain more than men from lower tax rates, privatization and individual empowerment.” John Goodman

How the GOP Can Erase the Gender Gap

Middle-income working mothers return at least 69 cents in new taxes for each dollar they receive in child care tax credits. By some...

Child Care Tax Credits: A Supply Side Success Story

This innovative studies proposes a highly original solution to America’s broken family court system and its dysfunctional system of child...

The Fatherhood Crisis: Time for a New Look


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