Economic Analysis of the Biden Tax Plan

Biden Tax Plan 2020

Like other economic estimates of the Biden economic plan, the Kotlikoff analysis finds that the impact on 80 percent of the population is a small, positive number, averaging only a few hundred dollars a year.

Goodman: Tax Reform for the Middle Class

Tax Law Changes: Good, Bad and Ugly

We need to remove the most unfair, most anti-work, most anti-saving provisions of the tax code – ones that burden the middle-class. These include a social Security earnings penalty that can push senior workers into a 95% marginal tax rate, a tax on nonsocial security income that even hits tax-exempt bonds, and unfair restrictions on part-time workers and the self-employed. More.

Our Role in Tax Reform

  The original Ryan/Brady tax reform was largely the brainchild of Goodman Institute economists Alan Auerbach (Berkeley) … Read More