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By John C. Goodman Originally posted on Forbes, October 2015 It’s a “moral outrage,” Barack Obama told the United Nations delegates last...

Why Is There Global Poverty?

By John C. Goodman Originally posted on Forbes, September 2015 What we call the Reagan Revolution was not just a US phenomenon. Beginning...

Counter Revolution From The Left: Corbyn, Sanders And Krugman

This study demolishes myths about international health care comparisons, including the myth that the U.S. system costs twice as much as...

Health Care Reform: Do Other countries Have the Answer?

Full or partial privatization of Social Security is underway in countries around the globe. Estelle James

Reforming Social Security: Lessons from 30 Countries,

Chile’s disability system costs about half of what the disability system costs in the United States and Europe, due to privatization and...

Cutting Disability Costs in Half: Evidence from Chile

By using individual accounts and better incentives, Chile has discovered a far better way to hedge against the risks of unemployment....

Unemployment Insurance in a Free Society

South Africa has had Medial Savings Accounts since 1993. More than half of private insurance in that country consists of MSA plans. Shaun...

Medical Savings Accounts in South Africa

Singapore has had compulsory Medisave accounts since 1984. John Goodman

Medisave Accounts in Singapore
Lives at Risk: Single-Payer National Health Insurance Around the World


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